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点击 这里 以查看直播记录和音频转录,从名誉总裁医生的消息。帕特里克·ê。白色和玛丽黑活之旅!


Millikin 戏剧和舞蹈学校

Millikin officially broke ground on its new Center for Theatre & Dance during a ceremony held on May 18, 2018. 该 new Center promises to be a centralized location for creativity to be cultivated, fostered and displayed, and will also provide a new venue for Millikin performing arts to delight, inform and inspire audiences.

在$ 29日万美元的项目有260个座位的灵活的影院,其中包括与张力线栅乐池,阳台和高科技画廊。新大楼还设有灯光和音响实验室,一个服装室,服装教室,合作的空间和办公室和支持设施,为当前员工的成长空间。 

Located at the former site of the Richards Treat University Center, Millikin’s Center for 该atre & Dance also has four acting studios, two dance studios, two design classrooms and practice rooms as well as all-new modern theatre equipment and LED lights. 

Gifts have been made to support fundraising efforts by our community of generous alumni, community leaders and Board of Trustees. Fundraising efforts are ongoing. You can give now to help support the Center for 该atre & Dance. View the full Center for 该atre & Dance video playlist

现在给 cftad命名机遇


What was the former site of the Richards Treat University Center has now become an architectural marvel that is Millikin University's new Center for Theatre & Dance. 该 $29 million project has created a lot of excitement around Millikin's campus since breaking ground in May 2018.

打开这个庄严,新中心设有260个座位的柔性戏剧,包括乐池,阳台和高科技画廊与张力线栅。基于迪凯特设计公司设计BLDD - 卡森达勒姆,该项目首席架构师,了解中心将需要特殊的,但合身的其他校园建筑之一。



在近几个月内AG老虎机校园社区已目睹的风景与新建设的变化 Center for 该atre & Dance,都开始2018年5月一个突破性的背部。

This August, the change is complete. Millikin's newest facility has opened its doors to students, faculty and staff, and for the College of Fine Arts and the School of 该atre & Dance, this change has been a long time coming.


May 7, 2020: Millikin receives $100,000 gift for new Center for 该atre & Dance

Millikin University has received a generous gift of $100,000 from Dr. 保罗和雪莉·斯坦利 to support Millikin's new Center for 该atre & Dance. In addition to the $100,000 contribution, the Stanleys also made a $50,000 contribution toward the project during Millikin's "Transform MU" capital campaign.



March 25, 2020: Millikin School of Theatre & Dance recognized as a Top 该atre Program in the Midwest, a leading online resource for performers, providing content tailored for actors, musicians and dancers, has recently recognized Millikin University's School of Theatre & Dance as one of the "Top College 该atre Programs You Might Not Know, but Should in the Midwest."


“帮助学生找到适合他们的方案是不容易的任务,有很多事情要考虑,” perfomerstuff.com写道:。 “今年auditioners的创纪录的数字,这是比以往的学生有学校在他们感兴趣广阔和多样的列表更重要。我们的名单中充满了有惊人的产品计划。”



The Millikin University School of Theatre & Dance has announced the launch of a new Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre and Performance Studies degree program to replace its current Bachelor of Arts in 该atre degree program. Students can be admitted into the new degree program starting in fall 2020.

该 BA在戏剧与表演研究计划 保留米利金的戏剧节目现有BA的灵活性,但增加培训的重点是帮助学生培养分析技能朝着建立自己的戏剧艺术的眼睛。




New York alumni and friends今年5月,大蓝参观了大苹果年度 School of 该atre & Dance 学生展示。行程亮点之一,受托人埃里克卓'97主持的晚间接待处 总裁帕特里克·怀特 和他的妻子,克里斯;校友和朋友参加了几个百老汇制作特色米利校友,其中包括斯科特·泰勒rollison '96和安东尼诺曼'15;和令人兴奋 Center for 该atre & Dance 建筑的更新在一年一度的戏剧和舞蹈校友接待共享。

During the reception, Trustee Zollinger also pledged to quadruple gifts made on or before June 28 in support of the Center for 该atre & Dance,最多共$ 25,000。如果你还没有贡献,或想提供额外的支持,我们邀请您利用这个有限的时间机会来让你的礼物四倍影响力。

Center for 该atre & DanceMake your gift today to support the Center for 该atre & Dance, w这里 student-artists, faculty and the surrounding community will join together and engage in the arts. This is the moment. Millikin is the place. 你是差.









Michael Maize ’96In early March, Michael Maize ’96, Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre, returned to Millikin University to share his professional expertise with 该atre & Dance students. Michael is well-known for his accomplishments in both film and television, including roles in “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” “Eagle Eye,” “True Blood,” “Castle,” “Charmed,” “Without a Trace” and “CSI: NY.” During his two days at Millikin, Michael spoke with students about his experiences as an actor in Los Angeles and New York and led a workshop in which he worked on camera scenes with students.

In all likelihood, the next time Michael visits his alma mater, the University’s new Center for Theatre & Dance will be bustling with student-artists, faculty, staff, and community members. This revolutionary, collaborative space will offer the School of Theatre & Dance a centralized location — one w这里 Performance Learning can be taught, creativity can be fostered, and the craft of theatre can be transformed. 该 talents of both Millikin and local community artists can be brought to light as we work together to collectively commit to the development of this new cultural center in the heart of Decatur.

This is the moment. Millikin is the place. 你的差异。 Join us in making a gift to support the Center for 该atre & Dance, w这里 future student-artists, faculty and community can join together to experience the arts. We need your financial support.




center for theatre and danceConstruction on the Center for 该atre & Dance is fully underway. BLDD Architects Inc. and CORE Construction are setting the stage for a revolutionary, transformational building rising from the site of the former Richards Treat University Center.



Millikin University officially broke ground on the new Center for Theatre & Dance during a ceremony held on May 18, 2018. The new building will feature a 260-seat flexible theatre which includes an orchestra pit, balcony and tech gallery with a tension wire grid. 该 Center will also feature lighting and sound labs, a costume studio, a costume classroom, collaboration spaces, and offices and support facilities for current staff and room for growth.

Millikin's new Center for 该atre & Dance will also incorporate four acting studios, two dance studios, two design classrooms and practice rooms as well as all new modern theatre equipment and LED lights.





It’s the end of a year. And the beginning of a new era. Millikin’s new Center for 该atre & Dance is coming into focus.

As this revolutionary building will begin to resemble architectural renderings in 2019, the Center for 该atre & Dance promises new advancements for creativity to be taught, fostered, and displayed. Please consider a gift of lasting legacy. Contributions made on or before Dec. 31 qualify for a 2018 tax deduction.


center construction

center construction


millikin center for theatre and dance

We’ve seen great progress on the construction for the Center for Theatre & Dance this fall. 该 first concrete was poured on Oct. 3, 2018. It’s exciting to see foundation walls take shape, as seen from images provided by Trustee Emeritus Dr. Steven Huss’ airplane.


筹款工作正在进行; 制作一份礼物今天 and be a part of building the foundation for the Center for 该atre & Dance.




In May, we asked you to support the new Center for 该atre & Dance through the #buildingondreams,第二幕:我在!倡议。

目标: 250个供体在2天后,可16-18。

结果: 我们超过250个捐助者我们的目标,确保从每亩受托人慷慨的$ 10,000个挑战礼物 埃里克·卓 97年!感谢大家谁帮助做到这一点的sotad!

Your support of Millikin, the 戏剧和舞蹈学校, and the new Center for 该atre & Dance is incredible. Together, our energy, love, and giving make the Center a reality for all of us.




Thank You Video

4月3-7日,我们问 戏剧和舞蹈学校 alumni, students and friends to support the new Center for 该atre & Dance through the #buildingondreams 项目。

目标: 250个捐助国仅仅五天,4月3-7日。

结果: 今天的捐赠仍然是在即将到来的总站在更超过62,000 $ - 你344上升到呼叫,会议这样做$ 10,000匿名匹配的挑战。平出惊人的。谢谢!

With your support, you made a strong statement about the critical need for a new building ASAP. And you clearly had some fun, as seen by the great response to the T&D faculty and staff video shenanigans of last week.





April 3, 2017: An Important Message from Eric Zollinger, 该atre & Dance Alumnus and Class of 1997

埃里克·卓 ’97Dear Millikin 该atre & Dance Alumni and Friends,

No more waiting ... with great enthusiasm I can share with you the news of the proposed Center of 该atre & Dance. In a re-imagination of the project, 米利总裁帕特里克·怀特教务长杰夫预习院长劳拉·莱德福德, 随着 戏剧和舞蹈教师, have selected an architect to work with us on the 项目。 该 proposed re-imagination is a newly constructed building incorporating changes in the industry, and the conceptual designs have been approved by T&D faculty as meeting the needs for a growing 戏剧和舞蹈学校. How exciting for a “NEW” building versus plans that repurpose existing space.


这不是什么秘密这一直是过去和现在的学生多年梦想,这就是为什么我相信装修这个被打上 建立在梦想行动。上述效果是初始提案捕获所需的空间架构米利美学和量的一部分。




没关系量 - 这里的目标是捐赠者的数量。这是我们机构的遗产;你是丰富的传统和遗产的一部分!

  • 社交媒体:传播有关这项运动给你的朋友和校友。
  • 做个礼物:每一件礼物是很重要的,将让我们更接近目标(例如,$ 25 $ 50 $ 100,$ 10K!)。随意地 现在捐赠。校友捐赠者的百分比,以及给定的量,帮助我们充分利用更大的礼物。这将是一个强有力的信息,如果我们从戏剧和舞蹈校友学校的高比例获得支持。 使一次性或反复出现,现在礼品。所有礼物是免税的!
  • 建立连接:你知不知道有兴趣支持有价值的投资项目为基础或慈善的企业?你工作的公司的提议进行慈善捐赠的比赛?请与您的雇主和/或接触 曼迪landacre podeschi '02在发展高级总监 带着疑问,想法,或匹配礼物通知。
  • 参考学生: Millikin wants to continue attracting quality students for its internationally acclaimed T&D program and for Performance Learning in majors across the institution.
  • 保持联系! Tell us your stories. Your successes make up our best arguments for raising support for the Center for 该atre & Dance, whatever your career. How did your Millikin experience prepare you for the path you are forging?


Your participation is needed and appreciated! We welcome your engagement in the process and ownership of seeing this plan through fruition. As a T&D alumnus, your representative on the Board of Trustees, and chair of the new 该atre and Dance Advisory Council, I want to make sure your voice is heard. If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts, please feel free to contact me at 或917.763.9079。


埃里克·卓 ’97